Frequently asked questions.

No, Ayers Rock/Uluru is approximately 450 kms from Alice Springs.

No, you will need to stay the night before in Alice Springs.

We will ask you to meet us at the front of reception at the Crowne Plaza Lasseters, 93 Barrett Drive, Alice Springs, NT 0870.
This hotel reception is 24-hour and well lit with plenty of parking. We will confirm this with you the day prior to your flight.

Some examples of places we cannot pick up from: Squeaky Windmill B&B, Ooraminna Homestead, Discovery Parks Glen Helen, Ellery Creek Campground, Temple Bar Caravan Park, Waangaardi Caravan Park and any Air B&B property south of the MacDonnell Ranges.

Most private addresses and Air B&B properties are outside of our scheduled pick up zone.

We will do our best to pick you up if our schedule allows however you may be required to meet us at one of our pickup locations closest to where you are staying.

Our office will discuss this with you the day prior to your balloon flight.

Outback Ballooning has a large fleet of balloons suitable for 2-4 people, up to 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 people in one balloon depending on number of bookings on the day.

Yes, unless you are part of a large tour group, then you may be asked to split in to 2 groups depending on how many people are booked on the day. If you are travelling with someone that has a separate booking to you, let us know so we can link your booking to make sure you are allocated to the same balloon

Yes, however we cannot always guarantee availability, so we suggest booking well in advance.

We operate within the first 1000ft above the ground level. The weather will determine how high we fly on the morning.

Hot Air Balloon flights in Australia are at first light because this is the time of day that provides the optimum weather conditions for launching balloons.
Depending on many operational factors, which vary each day, passengers may be on the ground or in the balloon when the sun is actually coming over the horizon or rising, either way they will still see an amazing dawn.

The balloon flight takes place approximately 15 kilometres to the south of Alice Springs adjacent to the MacDonnell Ranges and over the historic Owen Springs Cattle Station. You will see views of our amazing desert landscape and the ranges as far as the eye can see, early morning skies like nowhere else and if you are lucky, kangaroos, birds, wild camels and other wildlife that have been woken by the sounds of the burner. Flight distance will typically be between 10 and 20 kilometres.

Please note that we do not fly over the MacDonnell Ranges.

As the balloon is not “steered” in the conventional sense, it will depend on the height of the balloon at the time of the sighting. The balloon moves with the direction of the wind so if you are high then the pilot is not able to just make the balloon fly low in an instant. The winds tend to stratify in differing directions and altitudes which is how the pilot uses these varying currents to guide the balloon to an appropriate landing site.

The packing up tasks at the end of the flight are optional and we would appreciate your assistance in these enjoyable activities. However, they do involve some lifting and participation is entirely voluntary. Passengers that are less able bodied are invited to stand back and take photos. Persons with medical conditions participating in the balloon flight and pack up activities do so at their own risk.

It is dusty in the Outback. Outdoor clothing (preferably not white if you want it to stay that way), long pants and hat or cap are recommended. Enclosed flat heel shoes are essential. It is no colder in the balloon than on the ground but it can be cooler before sunrise. Warm clothing may be necessary from approximately May to September. Loose items such as dangling jewellery and scarves are not permitted once passengers reach the launch site and dis-embark from the bus.

You can bring a camera or phone to take photos. However, as there is limited space in the basket, backpacks and larger items will not be permitted on the flight. You will be required to leave these on the bus with the crew during the flight.

If we cancel due to weather and you do not have another available morning to fly, yes you will receive a refund if you have booked through a third party. We will advise your agent that the flight has been cancelled due to adverse weather conditions and you will need to contact them directly. Payment for bookings made directly with us are not taken until the morning of your flight. Your credit card has been taken to secure the booking and will only be charged as per our cancellation policy.

Outback Ballooning has a flexible cancellation policy to allow for last minute cancellations or amendments due to COVID19 restrictions. Contact our office as soon as you can to discuss how we can help you either cancel or re-schedule at a later date.

Ballooning is one of the most natural and safest feelings you will ever experience. It is very different to looking over the edge of a tall building or a cliff. In fact, you don’t have to look down, you can just look out towards the horizon in awe of our amazing views in the middle of nowhere while you float gently in the breeze.
Our baskets are approximately 1.2 metres high and very sturdy. You will not even notice when the balloon has taken off from the ground, it is very peaceful and calm. Once in the air, you do not feel like you are moving.
If you decide on the launch site that you can’t go, we will not force you, you are able to stay on the ground with our crew and chase the balloon through the desert and meet up with everyone once the balloon lands. Unfortunately, because of our location, we are not able to take you back to town until the end of the tour.

Absolutely! Statistically, flight is the safest mode of transportation and ballooning is statistically, the safest form of flight. Safety is our primary concern and our pilots will cancel if there are unsuitable weather conditions. The pilot’s decision with regard to flying conditions is final.

You may then either re-book for another day or receive a full refund if you have prepaid through a third party.

Where possible, the balloon flight should always be booked for the first available day in the area to allow for re-booking in case of bad weather.

Ballooning is one of the smoothest and most gentle ways to fly. Early in the morning at sunrise there are no bumpy air pockets around and everything is very stable. The only bumps you should ever feel in a balloon are those few bumps sometimes felt on landing whilst the balloon comes to rest.

It is no colder in the balloon than it is on the ground, in fact it can be warmer once in the air with the burners. Because the balloon moves with the wind there is little or no wind chill experienced during flight.

The burners can be quite loud, our crew does have earplugs available for those who have sensitive hearing.

As our balloon flights take place early morning, there is generally enough time once you have returned to your hotel to check out and make your way to the airport. The airport is only a 15-20 minute drive with little traffic. We are also able to offer airport drops as our flights take place out near the airport. Enquire at time of booking.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) rules and regulations and Outback Ballooning’s policy prevent us from flying women who are over 12 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy must be advised in advance.

Illness and/or recent operations that may affect the safety of the person or other persons on the tour must be notified to Outback Ballooning in advance. Medication should be brought on the tour.

Any form of disablement must be discussed with Outback Ballooning prior to making a booking. Each person is considered on an individual basis.

Persons with medical conditions participating in the balloon flight and pack up activities do so at their own risk.

The flight and carriage of any passenger will take place at the pilot’s discretion.

Whilst there are no weight restrictions as such, passengers must be able to climb up and into the basket that is approximately 1.2 metres in height unaided using the basket foot holes which act like a ladder. You will need to be able to swing your legs over and hop in to a small compartment that is approximately 60 cm wide. Compartments will accommodate from 2-6 people side by side depending on the size of the basket and the number of people booked for that day. We do require the weight of every passenger when booking and anyone over 110kg will receive an additional safety requirements email from our office.

Minimum age recommended is 6 years old. We can take 3-5 year old children but we do not recommend as they generally cannot see over the side of basket (1.2 metres high) and cannot be lifted up although they can look through foot holes. Also, the noise of the burners or the fire itself can scare them (recommend earplugs).

However, you know your children and if after reading this you would still like to take your 3-5 year old with you then we are happy to take them as well. Child prices will apply.

We recommend that you allow up to 4 hours from pick-up time for our tour. Pick up times are approximately 1 hour before first light so vary throughout the year. As an example, in the middle of summer pickup times are around 4.15am and in the middle of winter around 5.45am. You will be advised the exact time when you book.

Join us for a flight of a lifetime!!!